Dr. Kimberly Johnson

Writer & Producer, Co-Owner of Manifest Vision Films

Dr. Johnson is a Professor of Sociology at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. In 2000, she obtained her PhD in Sociology from the University of North Texas with an emphasis in religion and a minor in statistics. Her research and dissertation focused on mental health and religion, and is entitled Emotional Health, Well-being, and Religion as Quest. For the last 20 years, Dr. Johnson taught courses such as Economic Sociology, Sociology of Religion, and Sociology of Conservative Thought.

As the advisor to the Sociology Club and the Young Americans for Liberty chapter on campus, Dr. Johnson has collaborated with various organizations to include the Leadership Institute, Young America’s Foundation, and Turning Point USA.  As a result, LHU hosted a variety of events on campus, turning out hundreds of student and community attendees. Dr. Johnson has hosted numerous public figures to include Dinesh D’Souza, Nigel Farage, David Horowitz, Christina Hoff Sommers, Mike Adams, John Tamny, Cabot Phillips, and Rabbi Menken.

David Scarpelli

Writer & Producer, Co-Owner of Manifest Vision Films

David is currently employed by the CLVEN National Housing Corporation as House Director for the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity chapter at Illinois State University. New York born and Pennsylvania raised, David is an infantry combat veteran of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. He served a tour of duty in Afghanistan from 2007-2008. He then obtained an Associate’s degree in Theology at Blue Ridge Bible College and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania.

While attending Lock Haven, he began his involvement in campus activism, working with Dr. Johnson to found a chapter of Young Americans for Liberty. After college, he worked as the Leadership Institute’s Field Representative in Colorado and Wisconsin, interned for the Youth Leadership School, then promoted to Regional Field Coordinator for Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.