The left is winning the culture war.

As Andrew Breitbart famously said, “Politics is downstream from culture.” For decades, a political war has been waged for control of the American mind. The left has dominated our culture through academia, Hollywood, music, art, news media, politics, and social media. They demand groupthink and an obedient society.

It is conservatives who uphold diversity and freedom of thought and speech. The women in this film faced tremendous conflicts for merely sharing their worldview, and for wanting to live their lives as they see fit. The media has viciously attacked them and social media has stifled suppressed their speech. Academia is indoctrinating the next generation that the conservative brand of femininity is unacceptable and anti-women.

This film explores the ideas embraced by conservative women and their contributions to the movement. They tell their story, focusing on the most pressing problems facing our country, but most importantly, their journey in the fight to preserve our country’s stability and morality.

This is the story of conservative women who dare to break ranks with the leftist narrative — those who have the audacity to fearlessly stand up and fight for the American way of life.

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We are contacting various women in the conservative movement to participate in our film project. But this isn’t just our story. We want your input for who you would like to see!